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The layout was startet back in 1981 by the ATSF-club of Copenhagen.


The club rented a basement with 240 square meters (288 square yards) in the center of Copenhagen.


Planning to build a model railroad, with the ATSF Seligman division in Arizona desert as the prototype was decided, and soon the work started off.


During the years, we have had a lot of railroading and fun.


Various problems came up; the landlord wanted to doubble the rent, rainwater leaking through the ceeling with a damanged layout as the result, disagreements between members about the guidelines for the layout, resulting in members ruling out of the club thus in periods, the layout was unused.


A new idea was to run the model railroad with the economics based on a monthly day, sunday, with modelrailroading following a schedule. Anyone could join on a pay per day ticket. This was a great success, untill we again got problems with leaking water from the ceeling.


It took some time to get the ceeling restored. Today the situation is a fairly good ceeling, a layout mainly in bad order, However, today restoring and futher constructions are in progress.


Jesper Larsen - Copenhagen, Danmark

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